The best grow light PPFD charts on the web.

Trying to find the optimal hang height for your grow space? Curious how the best lights on the market stack up against one another? You’ve come to the right place.

Multiple Tent Sizes

We're able to test grow lights in mylar-wrapped 2'x2', 2'x4', 3'x3', 4'x4', and 5'x5' spaces.

Consistency & Precision

Our Apogee SQ-500 quantum sensor and custom CNC gantry system ensures accurate, repeatable results.

Data Insights

View sortable PPFD min/max/average values, coverage uniformity, efficiency, and more.


ViparSpectra XS1500

The XS1500 goes hard in a 2’x2′ with 150 watts of power. Check out the impressive results:

ChilLED Growcraft X3-330

Insane PPFD and uniformity in a 2’x4′ with over 40 watts per square foot!


Spider Farmer SE7000

A huge 600 watt bar light built to flower up to a 5’x5′ space.