- Power Draw is measured with a Kill-a-Watt after a 30 minute warm-up.
- Average PPFD is an average of all measurements taken from all heights (6" to 36" in 2" increments).
- Bang for Buck is calculated by multiplying the Average PPFD by the surface area of the grow space (square meters) and dividing by the price of the lamp. Higher is better.
BrandModelTest SpacePower Draw (AC Watts)Average PPFD (µmols/m2/s)Price (USD, 2021-08-10)Bang for Buck (Avg. Usable PPF/$USD)PPFD Charts
ChilLEDGrowcraft X3-3302x4330973$579.001.24View Charts
HLG650R Diablo5x5639687$1,099.001.45View Charts
HLG600 Rspec5x5606605$775.001.81View Charts
HLGScorpion Rspec5x5629643$999.001.49View Charts
HLGScorpion Diablo5x5660736$1,299.001.31View Charts
MigroAray 4 Pro2x4264754$429.001.30View Charts
Spider FarmerSF10002x293443$135.991.21View Charts
Spider FarmerSE70005x5632645$899.991.66View Charts
Spider FarmerSE70004x4632958$899.991.59View Charts
ViparspectraXS15002x2152710$119.992.19View Charts
VivosunVS10002x298457$109.951.54View Charts